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Our life in civilization hovers about the belief of 'You-I- We'. The first stage is 'You-You' which is called 'dependent' stage. As a child, we are needy on others for our needs and assume help and aid from others. The dependence can be each emotional or physical. The back up stage is 'I - I', where in we attain next of kin choice and corresponding changes are noticeable in terms of speech, behavior, movements, preferences, benefit and perceptions. In this stage we act with complete candor both mentally and physically. The atmosphere of 'Me-Mine' will be at a high point for the duration of this stage. Average accepted wisdom processes will be as follows:

1. I can do something independently

2. I have a set of tastes, beliefs, wishes and goals

3. I am the choice maker of my actions

4. I am accountable for my actions

The final and most crucial stage is 'We-We', which is a state of maturity, and get out of the ahead restlessness. This stage brings us to achievement that we cannot live alone and need help and aid of others and do equipment in mutual cooperation and understanding. Typically in this stage the brain wave processes are as follows:

1. Let us do this

2. Let us cooperate

3. This is ours

4. We can do this

Broadmindedness and abridged self-centeredness are the characteristics of this state. Some of us keep on stagnated at the 'dependent' stage and advance in the life cannot take any decisions independently. Citizens who in stages pass all through each of these stages will be booming in life, be it individual or professional. Interdependence stage is the most central one in next of kin to ones career augmentation too, for interdependence gives us the capability to commune for practical purposes and participate in team work.

Ravikumar Uppaluri, holds Masters in Agricultural Sciences and is co-founder of an company caught up in character conservation and sustainable agriculture. The dramatist can be reached at uravikumar@yahoo. com


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