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Emotional intelligence: the basics - psychology


There's so much talk about emotional astuteness and how it can promote individual and big business success. What is it really? What are its basic tenets?

Emotional aptitude is the ability to recognize, understand, and deal with one's emotions and that of others. This "intelligent" idea focuses on the role of emotion in our daily lives and how it affects our perception, reasoning, and behavior.

Emotions are invasive in our daily existence. From the time we wake up to the time we retire to bed, we come across emotions. We can get excited by the news of efficient recovery, or we feel upset when our desired team loses a battle game.

Moreover, we can get lonely when our associate of many years decides to look for greener pastures and we can feel anxious when our child does not go home on time after class.

So really, emotions ensue in all places and anytime. There is no day that passes by devoid of emotions being involved. We come across emotions when we - win or lose, catch phone calls from long lost friends, greet our brood good morning, say hello to our neighbors, get ready meals for our spouses, or ride the subway train.

Emotions are just as average as the rising of the sun.

However, there are times when our emotions can befall overwhelming and can harmfully change our functioning. For instance, anger is normal. However, the inappropriate demonstrate of unrestrained anger can be destructive.

Let me filter this point with a hypothetical situation. Richard, a fairly nice guy who works as a salesman, is married for 5 years with Cynthia. For the past few years, his sales have plummeted due to some nameless reasons. He used to be mild-mannered but lately he hasn't been the same.

When he gets angry, he just can't check himself. He yells, bangs the door, throws fits, and punches the wall. In addition, he calls his wife names and puts her down. Eventually, he has physically laid up Cynthia. Due to his abandoned anger and physically abusive behavior, Cynthia has certain to file a divorce.

In this example, Richard has abortive to acknowledge his ongoing anger and its linked behavioral consequences. Since of his failure to admit his anger and consequent behavior, he has abortive miserably to be full of his anger even though signs that his wife doesn't want to put up with it. In addition, he has abortive miserably to acknowledge and appreciate the feelings of Cynthia. How could he? He can't even acknowledge his own.

Emotional aptitude can for that reason befit an critical tool at home and at work. By education its basic canon of self awareness (knowing one's emotions), self management (controlling one's emotions), common awareness (recognizing the emotions of others), and affiliation management (social skills), colonize can make use of the emotion to build up the activist cause of our families and communities.

Copyright 2005. Dr. Michael G. Rayel - biographer (First Aid to Mental Illness-Finalist, Reader's First choice Amount Award 2002) psychiatrist, and inventor of Oikos Game: An Emotional Brainpower or EQ Game. For more information, visit http://www. oikosgame. com and http://www. soardime. com


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