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Bodily to beast mind-reading - psychology


There has been much study on Extrasensory perception in the bodily kingdom. Many have practiced mind-reading from human to human. Some have knowledgeable mind-reading from pets, both carriage and even on rare cause receiving. There are so many studies that show it is not coincidence or explainable by probability. In fact the data are so brawny that after conception only a few studies and pitting that aligned with your own observations in your ego-centric life come across that any conventional human would have to agree.

Now then let me tell you of a assumption of mine. It relates to the aptitude to send and collect belief or signals from one beast to a further and conceivably to other species. In my concept I accept as true that the brain, which is functioning at a senior level or frequency is able to send develop and than the brain effective at a lower level. In lower levels it is develop to accept thought. In other words the easiest time to accept is when one is a sleep. Now then lets us take both the clairvoyant theories of the collective consciousness and the flow studies being done at MIT, Stanford and other sitting room with telepathy. It appears when amalgamation into the collective consciousness it is best to be a low theta state of mind.

Many would bicker with the theories of conveyance at elevated rates of cognition in the beta or hyper beta realm, yet it appears that you can send in order when you mind is administration at advanced RPMs. Yet there appears to be much benefit at the privileged frequency level, in retrieving in order stored in the faithful servant side of the brain when at senior Beta Frequencies. If one is drinking caffeine it is often attention-grabbing to watch them bear in mind facts very cursorily in observing conversations approximately to the point of being on a game show. If you watch two ancestors talk both drinking chocolate you will see a much faster, exhaustive type dialogue under rapid fire of neurons.

The basis I deem that a brain going at more rapidly Beta waves can send in rank advance has to do with my come into contact with racing motorcycles and in riding on the street. At times I was able to send a belief such as; "look here" or "don't pull out of that driveway" and instantaneously the driver would stop and look. I got so good at it that I could tell it was me doing it. Even when the wind was blowing the other way and the driver had the air-conditioning and radio on, they did not hear me. This even occurred at times when I was going very fast, but coasting out of gear. Now then other experiences I have had, have been when out in succession or jogging, when the heart rate was high, not from adrenaline of the bike or the rush of oxygen in amalgamation in the body; but moderately from high cardiovascular application rates where I could gesture to local animals on a trail, do not worry, I am just going to run by. Small Squirrels, rabbits or even watchdogs would just watch and stand there as I went by. I could also gesticulate guard dogs to not bark, but they would come in a row up to the fence to watch me job by. Other times I would send out threatening judgment to the animals and they would go crackers and try to get over the fence to assail me.

It appears that when you are in hyper beta frequency ranges you can appreciation measures to occur or even ancestors to call you that you know. You can send out feelings to animals or colonize and even invade the collective with feelings you wish to get out, information. If you have ever been at a large concert is seems the music is in performance into the collective and the excitement seems to allow those on stage to amass the energy and stay in hyper beta, maybe even more so if they are on drugs, thus the send of in order thru music is so athletic as they in the main are also distribution out emotion, which all and sundry who is there, is generously open to collect.

It also appears to be able to send out in a row to the collective if you are in hyper-beta while most others are in low or exceedingly low frequency states of sleep, this too has been my observation. If a dog, cat or parrot, which have all been familiar to pick up feelings from their owners every so often hundreds of miles a way and they are administration on lower frequencies than humans, then this concept makes sense. There are hundreds of thousands of cases of sixth sense being singled out up by animals from humans and only a few rare cases of humans preference up sixth sense signals from animals. By and large these rare cases are from distressed animals at a time when their systems, bodies and mind are in hyper category for them. Animals with larger ranges in their brain waves seems to have the better digit of cases from being to human. I will also advise this book to you:

"The Sense of Being Stared At and other aspects of the extensive mind" By Rupert Shelrake.

So, then after studying this and pitting it adjacent to your own observations you might come to my assumption that hyper Beta helps in carriage e. s. p. to others. For in receipt of it appears to be best for association of the collective of minds to be at very low frequencies. But two colonize of akin frequencies in close proximity seem to be able to commune with a minimum total of exertion absolutely by far with practice. At least think on all this.

"Lance Winslow" - If you have innovative opinion and inimitable perspectives, come think with Lance; www. WorldThinkTank. net/wttbbs


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